Noémi Blom
Staff Writer

EcoJAC is the environmental club of the college, and it is back stronger than ever. The club is recruiting new members, wishing to spread as much awareness as possible about environmental issues.

During the winter 2017 semester, the club entered the pitch competition organized by the Sandbox, and they won! Our project was to build a living wall, one that we’ll be able to move around the school since it will be on wheels. So, if you’re interested in gardening or building, this club is for you! We are planning to do more than just the Living Wall. We’ve been brainstorming a lot and have many ideas and projects in mind.

In fact, Wednesday, September 13th, we are organizing an “Awareness Day” in collaboration with Jessica Burpee. The event will be held in the Atrium from 10am to 3pm. Many booths will be spread around the room. They will include Jactivists, a climate conversation booth, a beehive workshop, a composting table and many more. Jessica Burpee will also be present with a table for both the environmental studies certificate and the trip to Costa Rica.

Have any ideas for the club? What issues would you like us to work on? What would you want the club to focus on? If you have an answer for any of these questions, or are interested in joining the club, please contact Noémi Blom or Julia Zhang via MIO.

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