Which House are YOU in?

You’ve done the test, now find out what house you’re in! Compare your score to the houses below.

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(0-6) Gryffindor, House of the legends:
You are adventurous, bold and brave. The mere thought of a new adventure gets you all fired up. People think you aren’t afraid of anything, but you know true courage is fighting your fears. So you won’t back down from any challenge you know what is right and you WILL stand for it no matter what! You are a hero in the makings.

(7-12) Hufflepuff, House of the Beloved:
You are kind hearted and hard working. Other houses may get the spotlight, but you are the glue that holds all the houses together! You are responsible, which often means you get stuck with all the hard work, But you are the most loyal friend and the kind word that makes people’s day. You wouldn’t dream of hurting a friend. In the end, you are beloved by one and all.

(13-18) Ravenclaw, House of Tomorrow:
Your brain is a colourful light speed tornado. Your quick wit and crazy ways do nothing to distract from the fact that you are brilliant! You may already be one of the smartest in you year, but you still want to know more. Your creativity is limitless. Bunch all of that together and you have the next Einstein. In the age of information, you are the Star!

(19-24) Slytherin, House of the leader:
You want greatness, you name etched in history, and you might just be the right person to achieve it. Beware tough of the fine line between “leader” and “Boss”. You are ambitious and know how to pitch your idea to make people follow you. But your ability is one to be careful with. Remember, being Slytherin doesn’t make you Evil. You get to decide if you bring great evil or great good to the world.

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