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Anagabriel Trevino
Staff Writer

LoveliKitsune. Deviant art. “Celebration of Youth”
LoveliKitsune. Deviant art. “Celebration of Youth”

Homework piles up! And with no end is in sight, we can’t slow the pace… or can we? It sometimes feels like we all want to break free. Deviant Artist LoveliKitsune creates art through digital means as well as traditional drawing and painting.

This piece is entitled “Celebration of Youth”. Not surprisingly, the foreground features the strikingly black silhouette of a young person spray painting a white wall. Nowadays, the line between street art and vandalism holds its own ambiguities. Her description of this piece mentions “Misfits”, which is a British show that made viewers question what makes for good life decisions and what realities we should learn to accept (season finale, July 2011). The bright summer background present in the painting tells a different story. It’s vibrant, colourful, and follows the rainbow scale from red (on the bottom), to purple (covering most of the top right hand corner) and a strongly contrasting yellow pop (on the top left hand corner.)

Might this colour scheme reflect the artist’s opinion about graffiti and its place in this new generation of art? Regardless, both the swirl of colour and the silhouette guide the eye to the piece’s main focus: the blank space, a space we, the youth, can fill with art, graffiti or anything we can imagine.

In everyday life, we have our little freedoms. We can hand in polished papers, last minute drafts or nothing at all, but we still get graded. What defines you is what you choose to “fill the blank space” with.

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