A Day in College Life

My alarm rings at _____ (time). I __________ (verb (v.)) to get out of bed and then get dressed. I take a/ an/the/my __________ (vehicle) to school which is way too __________ (adjective (adj.)). Late, I __________ (v.) up ___ (number (#)) flights of stairs on my way to class and become incredibly __________ (adj.). __________ (v.), I arrive in class, but as usual the teacher’s about ___ (#) minutes late. Unfortunately, it’s never 15 minutes. After, it’s lunchtime and my stomach’s __________ (v./adj.), but I have class, so I __________ (v.) and go. We do
group work which I absolutely __________ (verb/feeling). Yay. Next I have a break of ___ (#) hours. To pass the time, I connect to the Wi-Fi, and get it on the ___ (#)th/st try; it’s very __________ (adj.)! Then, I get a grade notification on Léa, and my heart __________ (v.) as I open it. It’s ___ (#)%; I feel __________ (feeling) inside. Later, I have ____________________ (a course), my most __________ (feeling) course. Done. As I’m walking out of the school I see __________ (a person from high/elementary school), who I __________ (v.). It’s __________ (adj.). At home, I work till _____ (time). Oh, what a __________ (adj.) time college is!


Connor Sin-Chan
Production Manager

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 3 on October 12, 2017