Affront on Humanity

Alexia Quraeshi
Staff Writer

To those who think that ignorance and big words will bring change, you are right, it will, just not the change you want.

It will bring the concept of humanity, decency and common sense to its knees; it will wipe out the progress the people of the world have been fighting for since the dawn of history.

The poison hearts have trumped logic and have poisoned the world with their destructive thoughts that have no compassion or love.

They have given us the hatred that has been haunting us, and made them alive again to roam our mind and world.

There is a chance to change, but only if you use your mind to see what is right, what is fair, what is best.

To go back in time with discriminatory views is an insult and an embarrassment to the peaceful world that people are trying to make. We have worked for this! All of it! Every day you have woken up not fearing the end of times, not hiding because you will be violated is because of the things our ancestors have fought for!

To ignore the privilege that you possess is a slap in the face to those who do not have it. There are some who cannot live as we do.

Yes, our world isn’t perfect, yes there are problems but we are working to fix it! The human race wants to live, to protect their children, their families and their homes.

One cannot simply dismiss how far we have come to knock us back.
Because humanity remembers, and it will do anything to keep its present and protect its future.

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