Among Us

Sophia Danielle

Can you really trust your friends? That is the question Among Us, a game by Innersloth, challenges its players to ask. Set in various space-themed maps, this multiplayer social deduction game pits four to ten people together to finish a set of tasks all over the map while trying to stay alive.

In this game, there are the Crewmates, innocents whose goal it is to complete the tasks and vote out the guilty. There are also the Impostors, players tasked with slowing down the mission through distraction or murder. After a dead body is reported, or during any of the two emergency meetings, the players onboard can vote out another player that they believe is suspicious. The goal of the Impostors is to blend in with the Crewmates, survive until they gain majority, and take over the map.

Among Us was released in 2018, though it only gained traction in August 2020 when popular Twitch and YouTube personalities started playing it regularly. The rise in popularity comes at the same time as Innersloth’s other popular game release, The Henry Stickmin Collection, and other multiplayer games like Fall Guys. Social deduction games have long been around, like Garry’s Mod’s Trouble In Terrorist Town and Mafia — but what sets Among Us apart is their multiplatform integration and set of interactive quests. It’s the perfect game to play with your friends during quarantine as you slowly start to distrust each other.

Among Us is available on PC, Android and iOS.

Originally Published on Vol.50 Issue 02 on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

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