An Apology

On behalf of the Editor-in-Chief

Kyle McRae

In a recent issue of Bandersnatch, a communist propaganda poster sporting the face of our News Editor was displayed on the paper’s back page. It has come to my attention that this has understandably offended some readers, given the violent history of Stalin during his reign from the 1920s until 1953.
I would like to formally apologize for any harm this may have caused. I can attest that this ad was not published with the intent of personally disrespecting anyone’s family. From the perspective of the editing team, this was simply intended to be a light-hearted joke with the goal of attracting students into contributing for Bandersnatch.
As a result, we will be discontinuing all posters related to political and historical events, to avoid insulting anyone in future issues of Bandersnatch. However, crossover posters that involve characters from popular culture (such as television series, movies, or memes) and members of the Bandersnatch team will still be allowed.
At Bandersnatch, we try our best to filter out content that is inappropriate for publication, but some content inevitably slips through the cracks. Events like that of the backlash to the communist propaganda poster allow the executive team to learn from its mistakes and thereby ensure that they do not occur again.
If you ever have any concerns regarding Bandersnatch that you feel need to be addressed this semester, please inform Young Seo (Dani) Yu or myself, either in person or through MIO. For any concerns in the new school year, please contact Virginia Marquez-Pacheco or Casey Dobson.

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