Gabriela Ondrechak


Hello artists, creatives, and anyone mildly interested in work with their hands! JAC Arts & Crafts Club is an amazing opportunity discovering new facets of art, trying out different materials, engage in social life, gain volunteer hours, put the books down for a bit and focus on yourself. Arts & Crafts is a very low pressure and no commitment club for creatives of any skill level. There is zero judgement or expectations. We do a variety of artisan activities such as painting, knitting, sculpting, beadwork, and tons more. While having a communal clubroom in H-010 that you can use during your free time and access art supplies, we also hold weekly club meetings. They are held in H-024 every Wednesday at 5:30 pm where we can do a craft, or just talk, listen to music, and eat snacks. Being involved in club life contributes to SIR (Student Involvement Recognition) hours which is an amazing certificate to have on your resume. We are also looking for executive and leadership help if you are really interested in taking on a more hands-on yet still laid-back role. Our Instagram handle is @JAC_artsncrafts with our discord server link in the bio. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, contact Gabriela Ondrechak (JAC Arts & Crafts Club leader) or William Mahon (student activities chairman) through MIO. Feel free to stop by the clubroom or club meetings at any time and bring a friend. We will be sure to create a calm, fun, and inviting environment for all.

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