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There is a boy in my class who I find super cute and I recently found out that he’s single. I don’t know if I should approach him. I’m scared of him not liking me, what should I do?

Confidence is very sexy. So take the chance whether that means being the first one to message him online or even by starting a conversation in class. What’s the worst thing that can happen, he doesn’t respond? Who cares? At least you made the effort. Sure, it might be a scary thought to be the first one to make the move, but if you do, all those nerves you felt will go away even if the results are not that great. I think girls forget that guys can be just as scared, for all you know he could want to talk to you but is too afraid that you’ll reject him. So be bold and say hello and put an end to the idea that he won’t like you. You are probably amazing and there would be no reason not to like you.

I’ve been talking to this girl for a couple weeks and we have been on a couple dates but I just don’t see a future with her. How can I tell her I’m not interested without being the bad guy?

There really is not a way to not be seen as the bad guy through her eyes after you tell her you are not interested any more. But there are ways not to be seen as the enemy . First thing not to do, is just dissapear, especially if you have been saying things that make her believe that you are interested in her. Next, try not to suddenly be a jerk to her because so that you don’t have to officially dump her or make her dump you. Finally, do not start seeing another girl before officially breaking things off. You will be hated possibly by both girls and you will never be seen as anything other than a liar and a cheater through her eyes. The best thing you can do is be straight up with her. Tell her how you are feeling sure she might be sad or even angry but she will also be thankful that you were honest with her… maybe not at first but eventually. And who knows maybe it did not work out romantically but because you were honest you could stay friends.


-Alice xoxo

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