Ask Alice

Q: Alice, how do I get back into shape after having way too much fun this summer?

A: Eating right and getting enough exercise are the classic, timeless and inescapable answers, and JAC can totally help you out with that. The cafeteria has some really great healthy meal options for most dietary restrictions like vegetarianism. These meals can be a tad costly, but if you’re in a bind and don’t have your own lunch, they definitely have some great stuff. If you’re unsure of how to get started on the path to healthy eating or just want to check in and see how you’re doing, visiting JAC’s nutritionist is the right way to go. She is not on campus all the time, but all you have to do is go to the Health and Wellness Center and make an appointment.

Abbott also has a lot of great services to help you to keep active. In addition to the gym classes offered, students can use the small gym or pool in Casgrain basement free of charge during open hours posted outside the equipment desk. If you’re looking to use more equipment and use the gym more regularly, students can buy a membership for half the usual price. There are also clubs that can help you keep active like sports teams, dance classes and dance clubs. Abbott has all the resources to help you get as healthy and where you want to be! The key is taking the initiative and sticking with it.

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