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What should I know about the English Exit Exam?

The English Exit Exam is, for the most part, not a huge deal. However, here are a few tips to help ensure you’re part of the ~90% of students who pass.

My main two pieces of advice are that the easiest way not to fail is to make sure that you meet the minimum word count, and that as long as you get at least a C in each of the three categories – Comprehension , Organization of Response, and Expression – you’ll pass.

The best way to do these things is to make sure that you read the exam instructions carefully before starting and to budget your time appropriately. For example, consider skimming the three texts and only reading your chosen text thoroughly if it takes you awhile to read. If you feel comfortable, write a rough draft of bulletpoints instead of a full essay as a rough draft.

For those of you who would feel more comfortable with extra preparation, there are some very helpful documents on Omnivox, particularly “Demystifying the English Exit Exam,” which can be found in the Academic Success Center group in My JAC Communities. Additionally, there is a recent news posting in this group with the schedule for upcoming exam workshops, which are being offered in H-117. The next one is on Friday (Nov. 11th) from 10:00 – 11:00 am.

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