Bollé’s The One

Image Source: Susan Liu

Versatile and Fast

Eric (Eni) Enescu
Staff Writer

French eyewear brand Bollé recently introduced a considerably versatile helmet: The One. Having a history of manufacturing high end sports eyewear and nylon, The One is another quality product from the company.

To start off, The One is classified under the name of performance road bike helmet. As such, there are several denoting traits. The helmet itself is quite lightweight. At 340g, it is quite light comparared to other helmets in its category. The helmet, made from high-density EPS foam for protection, has 31 vents for circulation, keeping you cool on hot summer days. If you want to be a bit faster, the vents can easily be covered up with its lightweight plastic aero shell. Designed by Bollé (an eyewear brand), the helmet comes with an integrated port to hold your lenses when out on a ride. For those who ride in colder conditions, the helmet also comes with a removable winter liner for warmth. The helmet comes with seamlessly integrated LED lights for good rider visibility in all conditions. The One also comes with a Click-to-Fit retention system to allow for a snug and comfortable fit. On top of all that, for the picky folk, it comes in three colors: black with matte, blue with white, and black with red. Want to see it in person? Gianella Cycles on Boulevard des Sources in Pierrefonds currently have some on display so you can feel the smooth action of the aero-panels.

Overall, The One from Bollé is a very versatile helmet, useful for hardcore racers, winter riders and general commuters, whilst also being good-looking. It seems very much like The One fits all.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019