Club Spotlight: GALA

Do They Celebrate Black Ties or Apples? No!

By K.B. Smith and Domenique Bruno (Contributors)

John Abbott’s Gay and Lesbian Association (G.A.L.A.) is one of the largest clubs on campus. It deals with issues within and outside the LGBTQIA community, including coming out and home life.

The club room is located in the Herzberg basement across from the Oval Café and is open to both people from the LGBTQIA spectrum as well as allies who are willing to put in their support. G.A.L.A. has a large involvement with events such as IDAH (International Day Against Homophobia), Sexual Health Week, and in the past has also visited high schools about homophobia and issues with acceptance of yourself as well as other individuals within the community.

The club’s leaders are energetic, caring, and helpful to those who need it, as well as good at spreading awareness throughout the school and their personal communities. They can also answer any questions you might have regarding what LGBTQIA actually stands for (no, the A does not stand for ally) and questions about what the sexual orientations entail. The club tries to spread both information and acceptance within and outside the college. They are also extremely fond of cupcakes.


If you have any questions or simply wish to stop by the club room, it is open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and is the go-to hang-out place for most of the members. They are all around to answer questions, no matter how ridiculous they may seem, and support their fellow club members. Regardless of being gay, as long as you are friendly, you will be greeted with future friends and a home away from home.

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