Crc Robotics Competition

Dmytro Perkov

The week of Valentine’s Day, a group of dedicated hackers and engineers went to the CRC annual robotics competition. The competition changes constantly, so it is a new challenge for students from high schools and colleges who participate every year.

Since each match started with a drag race this year, the JAC team devised and created their most innovative (and controversial) design yet. Never before seen at the tournament: a reusable drag racer robot, Mr. Ratchet. As Ravage, ejected from the chest of Soundwave, Mr. Ratchet would thrust out of the belly of JAC’s team robot Patty, and caused the other contenders to bite the dust within the first three seconds of the match. The tether connecting the two robots was severed, and the game went on. The dragster and the cable, however, were left on the field as deadly robot debris which was feared by both our enemies and allies.

Unfortunately, this time we did not live up to our past reputation in regard to awards. Despite last year’s team taking third place, JAC did not qualify for the podium this time. As was said by the team captain, Adam Bede: “This is a time of transition for JAC Robotics. We are changing how we are doing things, rebuilding the club and going to be changing all of the materials we had before”.

Despite all the trouble, the team managed to achieve the highest amount of points per match throughout the entire tournament. We were able to outmatch the total best scores of two private schools by twelve percent. Now, the team is angry and preparing for the next year by searching for web designers/video editors who share our passion for robotics.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 10 on February 26th, 2020