Dark of the Moon

JAC Theater’s Most Recent Production

by Rahul Ghandi

Dark of the Moon Witches, magic, an angry mob, and teenagers in love. The best Halloween has to offer.

The smoky appalachian mountains are the backdrop of this 1920s era production. A witch boy named John appears before the Conjure man and begs the raggedy old conjurer to turn him into a human. The reason? Barbara Allen. Blue-eyed Barbara Allen, with the copper hair. John loves her like you wouldn’t believe, giving up his abilities to be with her.

But something inside him is screaming with urgency to return to the Moon; to go back to his old self. John will stay human as long as he marries Barbara and she stays true to him… but the truth isn’t always what it seems. Other characters include the fanatical townsfolk led by an over-zealous preacher who doesn’t take too kindly to witches.

Billed as “A Legend with Music” on Broadway, the Theatre Workshop students have gone as far as learning instruments to play the folk music in the show. They’ve put blood, sweat and tears into the production. Even as I write this, my fingers are whimpering out keystrokes after a 14 hour school day, more than half of which being rehearsal!

October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, as well as the 30th and 31st will have shows at 8:00PM in the Casgrain theatre at John Abbott. There are also 2:00PM matinées on Saturday the 24th and 31st. Tickets are available at the door and at www.brownpapertickerts.com: $8 for students, and $14 for adults. Come to the darkest Halloween show you’ll ever see!

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