Don’t Led the Bed Bugs Bite

Tired of hearing your mom complain about your dirty room and your bed being undone? Or about that sketchy pile of maybe-clean maybe-unclean-who-knows clothes in the suitcase when you are on a family trip? Well, an English study done in Great-Britain this Thursday by M. William Hentley might prove she has good reasons to fight against your messy student bedroom…

Indeed, William Hentley and some other English scientists found out that the well-known but unwanted bedbugs were not only attracted to human beings sleeping on their natural habitat (in that case, mattresses), but also to dirty clothes standing still in the suitcases, or around the room. In fact, these little insects that do not fly actually wait for their prey to leave the bed to slowly walk in the owner’s luggage and populate the dirty clothes.

William Hentley and his colleagues put four bags filled with clothes in two different rooms (both of them had mattresses full of bedbugs). Two of these bags had dirty clothes in them, whereas the two others had clean clothes in them. After a while, they noticed that a lot more bedbugs, missing human flesh to bite and becoming “hungry”, had reached the bags full of dirty clothes. Indeed, the bags with dirty clothes, impregnated with human odors, were twice as much populated with bedbugs than the bags with clean clothes. Interesting, no?

At first, scientists thought the bedbugs were simply falling into the suitcases because of the movements occurring in the bed. However, this study proves that these insects, that can create severe and uncomfortable itching everywhere they bite, are really attracted to our smell.

So next time your mom complains about your dirty bedroom, check for bedbugs in your mattress. If you find some, freak out and clean your room! If you don’t, well… this cleaning can wait!

Image Source: Pixabay

Marjolaine Pilon
Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 12 on September 27, 2017