Image Source: flickr.com

Qian Ting Zhang
Procrastinator Editor

Coming back home,
Wanting to rest,
Wanting to take a break,
Wanting to break.

Coming back home,
Warm, light, and gold
But everything is cold,
Closed eye, all alone.

Typing, finger dance,
Sleepwalking on the keyboard.
Tomorrow I’ll wake up into another dream,
Sleepwalking, repeat.

You know that it’s all in your head,
If you work hard enough you will touch success,
If you dream hard enough it will come to life,

Yet I sleepwalked 24 on 7,
Yet I murdered my dreams in the end.
I worked until my fingers twisted and ached,
And in the end all I got were regrets.

I don’t know if I can reach the light,
I don’t even know if I will fly.
But at least I’ll try,
Until my whole world goes white.


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 05 on November 7th, 2018