by Anagabriel Trevino
Staff Writer

If there is one point that was made during the debate that you want JAC student to remember which is it? Is the question I asked the debating candidates last week. Here is what they answered.

Francis Scarpaleggia said “It’s fresh focus on the economy and on open and transparent government. this way we have a healthy democracy in order to make the best decisions not only for the economy, but for all aspects of federal public policy. Our approach is to run three years of 10 billion dollar deficit so that we can invest in economic infrastructure and help basically provide the programs that I outlined in the debate.”

Ryan Young said “C-51, because I think the foundation of any democratic society is its constitution, its charter of rights and freedoms, for us here in canada. If that is threatened by the policies of our current government and another party, which is the liberal party, and there is a party, our party the NDP that is promising to repeal that law, which threatens our chart of rights and freedoms, I think citizens are implored to vote for us to just achieve that. Because I think most people believe that they live in a free country and I like to believe the same thing, but I am not so sure, under C-51 that we actually live in a free country anymore if the government has the right to violate our charter of rights and freedoms.”

Éric Girard said “That we have a balanced approach. It’s easy to say: we are going to do more; we are going to spend more; we are going to do this; we are going to do that. We have a balanced approach we believe that by cutting corporate taxes and personal taxes, balancing the budget, investing in infrastructure in a manner that we can afford we are providing jobs, opportunities and growth for all canadians including the students that are here today”

We forget over 90% of all that we hear. These are the words your candidates have chosen to be the remaining 10%. Regard them as as a place to start to form an opinion or a new building block for the one you have.

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