Farewell My Fellow Procrastinators and My Beloved John Abbott

Dear procrastinators, it’s been a great journey! For over a year and a half, I’ve been a part of Bander, writing and gathering content in the hopes that you guys might get a kick from my stupid attempts at being funny. Oh well! For those who enjoyed my humour, I’m sure you laugh at about everything I do. For those who didn’t, lets just hope that the person who replaces me is funnier. Regardless, I feel like I should bid my farewells to all of you wonderful people whom I share so much in common with. So, for those of you who read this section, you procrastinators who leave their work to the last second and have had too many all nighters to count using your hands, goodbye. It’s been a wonderful time entertaining you all, and I hope you all have a great year coming up! Anyways, at a time like this, I think that sharing what I enjoyed from Abbott is probably the best thing I could do, especially for those of you who are sticking around and haven’t seen much of the campus.

1) The People: I think the best thing about John Abbott is the community we meet and are part of. Everyone here is passionate about their own interests, and they truly seem to care about each other. I have met some wonderful people at John Abbott, and I’m so grateful for having had that opportunity. By sticking around during my breaks, I’ve made some great friends, joined a few clubs and got to learn about things I never thought I would enjoy doing. The welcoming atmosphere isn’t just limited to the student community, but even the teachers are really passionate about their work and willing to help. I can honestly say that I am super grateful for having gone to Abbott simply for this reason.

2) Clubs: I kind of mentioned it before, but the clubs at Abbott are awesome. Everyone is super welcoming, and you actually get to take part in something that interests you. Bander’s been great and super chill, but this extends to other clubs too. Even the K-Pop club killed it by competing in dance competitions, something I didn’t expect being possible. So, if you get the opportunity to join a club, I really recommend that you do it! And if the club you would like to join doesn’t exist, then make it! Anything’s possible!

3) Resources: You can get about anything you need around Abbott!

4) It’s chill!!! Procrastination is possible despite what people say when transitioning from high school to CEGEP!

5) A beautiful campus: Seriously, these next few days, you guys need to get outside! That being said, there’s a bunch of great things about Abbott, and memories that I will cherish but don’t feel like sharing.

Image Source: Flickr

Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 13 on April 25, 2018