Getting Involved at John Abbott

A CEGEP Experience You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

Kyle McRae

From an outsider’s perspective, extracurricular activities might seem like a huge time-investment in what already feels like a very busy school schedule. And, understandably, some people really don’t have the time to get heavily involved in student life because of family or work commitments. Personally, before joining Bandersnatch, I never would have thought I’d have time to do anything other than study for my courses. That is, until I realized how much time I wasted watching YouTube, playing video games and doing other shenanigans with the objective of procrastinating my studies.

Essentially, I’d like to outline a few of the main reasons why you should seriously consider getting involved, because I, among many others, will swear you won’t regret it.
I. You’ll actually want to go to school

Getting out of bed can be a struggle sometimes, especially when it is to learn about a subject that you couldn’t care less about. The amount of effort placed into studying can often feel lackluster, when the only short term advantage of doing so is seeing an above-average grade on your transcript. Many clubs on campus offer the opportunity to actually see your hard work manifest into something that makes you feel good about yourself, whether that be publishing a newspaper, organizing your own radio show, planning a hiking trip or meeting new people that share the same interests as you in the vast array of club lounges. Once you’ve gotten a taste of this feeling, John Abbott will start to feel like a second home that you love staying in, and less like a haunted mansion full of spooky strangers.

II. It’s a great way to meet new people

In a school filled with over six thousand students, there are plenty of new friendships waiting to be made! Clubs are always looking to recruit new members to their imperial squadrons, as it helps keep the conversations fresh and allows the club to expand its reach! Furthermore, in most cases, by the end of the year, the baton will need to be passed on from graduates to younglings, if the club is to be sustained long term.

III. It’s nice to have a positive distraction in life

This last one might be a bit darker than you thought this article would go, but here we go anyways! If you’re having trouble coping with the struggles filling your existence, whether they be depression, substance abuse, loneliness, grades, money or something else, joining a club is a great way to place your focus elsewhere. Although it won’t solve the problem, these temporary breaks from having to face reality can do wonders in helping you feel better about your situation.

In summary, if clubs aren’t your thing, that’s totally fine! Get involved in committees, volunteer, do research projects, join a sports team… just make sure you get involved in one way or another! Life passes by super quickly, so take advantage of any free time while you still have some.


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 04 on October 24, 2018