Alexia Qraeshi
Staff Writer

A four letter word that is rooted deep within human history, entangled in misery.

A word like a plague, spread by the vague people with big mouths and small ideas that pierce the hopes of those desperate to find shelter.

We are caught by this malicious thought that takes over our fear and turns it into puppet strings making us dance on the off chance we are needed.

They say that women are the vermin, that religion is the spawn of injustice, that the tone is what makes us prone to violence, that our nation is what leaves us to devastation.

Is it true? Is it in our nature?

We have the potential for both good and evil, we may be primeval but we have so much to learn. Leave no stone unturned to change the simple speeches of hate like leeches that drain us of our sanity and humanity that only leaves us with the profanity to say these words drenched in calamity.

Whether it’s writing verses, reversing curses, protesting the injustice of those ignorant to the reality that dividing only creates conflicts. Because the only power that some people have are words. Words have power if used correctly, they can help heal, to reveal how we are as a society, as people.

We often forget that there are people behind words that are said. These people have a message, they have a point behind every single letter of the words that they use. Wielded with such precision, like an incision into our world.

Be kind. Kindness is a tool, so simple to use. It appeals to the good nature of others and within ourselves, allows us to forgive, make peace. It only creates good. Little things. You can’t be naïve either, but it’s a start.

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