He’s Ready

Federal Election Recap

by Jake Jasko
News Editor

After a lengthy and tiring 11-week long campaign, the Canadian Federal elections have finally drawn to a close with 68% of Canadians turning out to vote. The Liberal Party of Canada has been elected as a majority government as of October 19th, 2015 (CBC).

While this result may not come as a surprise to some, it is definitely a radical change of pace considering the past decade with the Conservative party in power.

Relatively young at 43, the Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau is now the Prime Minister of Canada. Following in his father’s footsteps, Trudeau plans on immediately setting himself and his party to work. The Liberal Party intends implement several policies, such as the possible legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, new tax laws intended to aid middle-class Canadian families, and electoral reform.

This is a drastic shift on the political spectrum from right to left, and will definitely shake things up in the months and years to come.

High income earners can assume to see a rise in their taxes, whereas some Canadians can expect to have their taxes cut. This left-leaning platform is just a touch more to the political left than the NDP’s, with a focus on universal benefits for all Canadian citizens.

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