Alexia Quraeshi
Staff Writer

My dearest hufflepeeps,
It seems our leaps have been down played, forgotten and dismissed.
For who would want this house of kindness?
The house of those who weren’t, brave, ambitious or creative.
The house of cowards and fools.
But we are more.

We are Hufflepuff, the loyal, the just, and the true.
Filled not with wit, but we will never split in a time of need.
We will not launch ourselves into foolish danger, like a brave Gryffindor.
We will not stab you in the back to take the upper hand like a Slytheryn,
And we are not pompous like the studious Ravenclaw.

We are Hufflepuff, like Tonks, Diggory, and many more.
We are the accepting group who will never abandon those in need.
We have true strength.

Those who laugh at this are only trying to hide from the fact that Hufflepuff shows humanity.
Not lust for glory, power or knowledge,
Instead we yearn for a better world.

If you cannot be this way that is ok, not everyone is meant to be this way.
But by all means have a seat with us dear comrades.
We belong in a school, not a contest.
Act like it.

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