Thither this little mister arrived,
informed regarding his destination,
This little mister cried,
This transpired considering his instigation.

Instructed into which variety fit i,
Despair filled his tired cries,
This sometimes arises,
This being something i quite despise.

Hither i drive this little mister,
Til his destiny is fulfilled,
it was possible i directed his family, his sister,
Until i arrive into this site his kind milled.

I piloted him crosswise its river,
it being i, relief giver,
This little mister remained quiet,
Still i sit beside it.

This little mister, his life filled this line,
With i, with i, with i,
Simultaneously with i,
With its moniker, being Death.

Thither this little mister arrived,
His incoming being, i tied.

Gabriel Tam Dumais
Staff Writer

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 05 on November 8, 2017