Is technology improving or making our learning process worst?

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Francesca Pasto

Staff Writer

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In my opinion, technology is both improving our learning process and also making our learning process more difficult. It is true that technology is extremely useful in helping us find information. Technology also helps us find information faster than before. This helps students complete their assignments and projects and learn about the world around them. Even though technology could help our learning, it could also be an obstacle. Technology is also a cause of distraction amongst people. I know that technology is a big distraction for me. Sites like Netflix and Facebook could take a lot of our time away leaving us less to study and learn with. People are more likely to spend time surfing the web than spending time outside enjoying nature. It’s just too easy looking for interesting things to read online. When I was younger my parents made sure my brothers and I spent a lot of time outside enjoying nature. This all changed when I started getting electronics such as my computer and then my phone. Another problem caused by technology is that we don’t try as much to remember things anymore. We have spell check and grammar check on our word processors, we have speed dial on our phones and audiobooks to help us read. While these things are all great, they also prevent us from working hard to learn. Now, we don’t know how to spell or anything about grammar, we don’t remember anybody’s phone number, and very few people read because its just to hard.


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