JAC Around the World

Maria Jose Salcedo
Campus Life Editor

Following tradition, this semester John Abbott College will be hosting its annual event, “JAC Around The World”, where students have the opportunity to represent their cultures.

The event will take place in the Agora, where booths will be placed throughout the room so that students, teachers and staff can walk around, experience different cultures and taste all sorts of traditional dishes.

There’s also the chance to be interviewed by one of Bandersnatch’s very best, which could lead to your opinions being featured in an upcoming Bandersnatch article.

Photo courtesy of Student Activities JAC Around The World 2015
Photo courtesy of Student Activities JAC Around The World 2015

There are also going to be perfomances from students. These range from traditional dances to renditions of native songs.

Last year, “JAC Around The World” consisted of tons of fun and culturally relevant celebrations. Some mememorable moments would be the belly dancing, fantastic and exotic food and colourful cultural dress!

If you have ideas to contribute or want to organize a booth, visit Student Activities. It is always fun to learn about different countries! Stop by the Agora on March 22nd and 23th.

But we know you’ll mostly come for the food.

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