Discover Love at Abbott

Since life around campus has been slightly dull with sleep deprived students walking all over the place, and the usual events occuring, a group of anonymous students have set up to change that. After several submissions of dating requests on the student run Facebook page JAC Secrets which annoyed several students, a new page that popped out the blue called JacMeeting Inc. came into existence. And just to confirm some of your worst fears, yes it’s a dating page.

Now how does this new page work exactly? Well message the page with the following three pieces of information: 1) A resume about yourself, or in other terms a description of yourelf. 2) A description of what you’re looking for in a potential significant other. 3) A picture of yourself. Then the page will anonymously match you to your best match.

This is not exactly a bad idea on the page’s part. Most students no longer have time to actually do the traditional method of dating if they want to pass their classes, which if you’re wondering what the traditional method is it is actually talking to people! Some students in this lovely college such as myself have the social skills of a moose on ice, so having the help to initiate a conversation may help them find a date. Then for the people who normally don’t get a second glance when trying to ask someone out they’ll finally have their time to shine. So overall this is going to save a lot of headache and pain for a percentage of the student body, unless you’re single by choice or hate PDA then sorry this is your worst nightmare.

Either way props to JacMeeting Inc. for taking action to the desperate pleas of students looking for a date!

Erin Arnold

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 10 on March 14, 2018