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The whiny wiener

““I suffered why shouldn’t they”

The Chad

Some persons hold that, while it is proper for the lawgiver to encourage and exhort men to virtue on moral grounds, in the expectation that those who have had a virtuous moral upbringing will respond, yet he is bound to impose chastisement and penalties on the disobedient and ill-conditioned, and to banish the incorrigible out of the state altogether. For (they argue) although the virtuous man, who guides his life by moral ideals, will be obedient to reason, the base, whose desires are fixed on pleasure, must be chastised by pain, like a beast of burden.
One of my friend, Yugi came over to JAC a few weeks ago since college registration was soon. We have been online friends for a couple of years now but never hung out as he lives far. I wanted to show him around and successfully gaslight him to come to John-Abbott instead of going to Dawson next year. It was a pretty hilarious and fun day and he met my friend group. Yugi likes to draw so he decided to draw us one of his memories of our friend playing the guitar and giving us a rock show in the Bandersnatch Clubroom itself. The snow that day was dazzling like diamonds, especially during the evening. We all can’t wait to welcome you next year Yugi 🙂

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