Legend of the Stranded Writer

Sebastian Socorro
Office Manager

There was once a Bandersnatch writer known as Sebastian who lived about two hours away from John Abbott College. After valiantly writing an article for every section of that week’s issue and staying past midnight to help out the editors, buy pizza and radiate good vibes, Sebastian got on the 211 bus so he could get to the Lionel-Groulx metro station. Like any other night, he would use this metro to travel all the way to Viau and then take another ten minute-long bus ride from there.

However, staying past midnight on a production night was a record Sebastian was not prepared to set. To his dismay he found that he had just missed the last metro train and the station was closing. A grumpy man in his early 80s ordered him out in a thick québécois accent:

“C’est fermé. C’est tout fermé. Sors d’icitte.”

It was when he went out the doors that the poor writer realized he had no water, food, money or someone awake to call at nearly 2AM. He may have been able to message someone in Bandersnatch that left as late as he did but he didn’t have their numbers at the time, and he had no data or WiFi with which to use Facebook. In fact, his phone was at 27% battery as well.

“Welp.” He sighed, his breath creating a white cloud in the air, “guess this is happening now.”

He quickly resolved to stay awake until the next 211 bus back to JAC at 5:22AM, so he could maybe sleep on the bus or somewhere on campus. Sleep deprivation was no stranger to him so he didn’t have too much of a problem pulling an all-nighter, but he wondered what he would do for three hours to pass the time on a cold Canadian November night. Curiously, he also wondered about the in-class essay he was supposed to write in his first class at 10AM that day.

He laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation and decided he would explain the situation to his teacher and hope for mercy.

After watching three episodes of The Office he had downloaded on his phone in a sheltered bus stop that smelled faintly of pee, he went to the corner of the street and looked around to see if there was anything else he could do. After frowning at a man in a full business suit riding a Bixi with one hand between 3 and 4 AM, Sebastian quickly noticed the semi-famous tall building with a pyramid on top of it.

Without a second thought he walked towards it. He didn’t know what it really was, but he needed to walk to keep warm. He got there too fast though, so he walked up to a plaza near the Peel metro station and sat. It was then that he realized it was 4:48, so he dashed back to Lionel-Groulx as fast as he could.


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 06 on November 21th, 2018