Lynx Bite Back

Madeleine Soubry

On Friday, February 5th, the Islanders basketball team took on the Montpetit Lynx for the second time this season. John Abbott won their last meeting but this one had a different outcome.

The game began at 9 o’clock sharp and five seconds in, the Lynx took the lead. It wasn’t long before the Islanders followed, taking the lead after a very tight first quarter, ending it 19-18. During the second, the Islanders’ Keevon Small went on to score the first three-pointer of the game. However, the Lynx pounced back, going on to lead 39 – 28 at the end of the quarter with the Lynx scoring eleven baskets.

Source: John Abbott Field Lacrosse
Source: John Abbott Field Lacrosse

However, the Islanders were not going to give up the third quarter that easily, with Abbott’s Keevon Small and Daniel Cayer together scoring their fair share of impressive baskets. This, however, was not enough to catch up to the Lynx, with the quarter finishing 58 – 41 in favor of Édouard Montpetit.

In the last quarter, our Islanders pushed hard with two amazing steals, trying to close the very small gap separating them from victory. However, it was not enough, with many fouls giving the Lynx the opportunity to go in for their final attack, ending the game 72 – 67. The Islanders played a truly amazing game, but when the Lynx bites, we all feel the pain.

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