NBA 2K Pays Homage to Kobe Bryant’s Passing

Jake Geronimo

Two weeks ago, the world was shocked when nine people tragically passed away after the helicopter accident that took place in California. The NBA 2K gaming community was especially hit hard, as Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was among the victims. The very same day, the 2K developers quickly put up a picture of the Black Mamba in the main menu of the game, to pay homage. Written on it: “Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020”.

In its most popular game mode called “The Neighborhood’’, a place where players can play pick-up basketball online with other people, players would give their respects by deliberately getting a shot clock violation. Just like the pros in the actual NBA, both teams on a court would run out their 24 second shot clocks in honour of Kobe. If someone wasn’t playing, they would be walking on the streets of the neighbourhood. A lot of people would gather around to have makeshift parades. Players would have their character’s wear Kobe jerseys, or be dressed in Lakers gear.

The week after the incident, there have been a couple of little additions. For the more classic “Play Now” game mode where users can play with NBA teams, the Los Angeles Lakers got an updated jersey, just like in real life. On the face of the jersey lay the Black Mamba’s initials: “KB”. In the beginning of the latest episode of the web series 2KTV, a moment was taken to give attention to the nine victims of the crash.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 09 on February 12th, 2020