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Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor

Welcome back, Islanders!
It has already been four full weeks since school has started, and the assignments are rolling in like crazy. Whether this is your first semester or not, you may be stressed out with the workload this semester. After all, it is hard to keep up the pace with everything that is going on outside of class. For any student, it is normal to be worried, to stress out over your work, and to want to give your best despite how impossible that seems. You might feel like the odds are against you in terms of time. You might feel unsure about your work. But enough with the worrying! Life is too short to be stressed. If you are having trouble, you can always get help at John Abbott, so here’s a suggestion for ALL of you students: go to the Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is a peer tutoring centre where students, like yourselves, can help you with any assignments, as long as they are in the English language. The Writing Centre is not a proofreading centre, nor do we write your assignments. However, we are here to help you 100% with the writing process of your assignments, including brainstorming, planning, and editing, and even reading comprehension. As for the assignment, it can be anything from any class. Yes, that includes stuff like philosophy essays, lab reports or archive papers. Though we can’t guarantee that we know the content as well as you do, we can certainly tr y to help you with the writing of it. The Writing Centre also provides you with writing and reading strategies so that you can become better independent writers, and we always welcome you back.

Understand that the Writing Centre is for everyone. Whether you are a student struggling to pass or a student who just wants to improve, you are equally welcome. We help students of all skill levels, and we gladly invite all students in their first semester to all students who are about to graduate. So if you want or need help, please don’t hesitate. Come to the Writing Centre!

The Writing Centre has been moved from the library basement and is now located in room 109 of Penfield. If you seek help from the Writing Centre, you can set up a session in three different ways. The first way to get an appointment with a tutor is to drop by the Writing Centre whenever you are free and see if there is a tutor available. If there isn’t anyone who can help you at the moment, then go to the Penfield teacher’s office area, on the first floor, and sign up in a red binder for an appointment

This involves you writing your name next to an available time slot, reserving that time for an hour. If you find that you need frequent help from the Writing Centre, then you can request a weekly tutor by speaking with your teacher, Denise Fidia or Jennifer McDermott. In this case, you would have the same tutor designated to you an hour a week at the same time for the entire semester.

Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.
The Writing Centre awaits your visit!

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