Neon Lights

Image Source: PickPik

Marc Randy
Science & Tech Editor

Neon lights passing by my windows
Trailing behind lives moving at hundreds of miles per hour
Neon lights speeding by my windows
Synched to the flow of thoughts and minds

Neon lights flashing past my windows
Cold despite their incandescence
Neon lights blinking in the dark
Surrogates for the people that put them there
But I can’t see them, only the lights

Neon lights piercing my curtains
Lighting up the emptiness inside
Screens make for poor company, and music can only entertain for so long

Neon lights burning my eyes
Preventing me from seeing the world through my screen
Reminding me that the food tastes like plastic, and that the people I talk to are soulless avatars

Neon lights casting a long shadow
Several times my size against the wall
Only leaving the sickly blue glow of my screen

Neon lights forever trailing past my life
Leading on to some unknown destination
As I remain here, in the dark
Wasting away, hiding from those lights
Because they don’t care about me

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 09 on February 12th, 2020