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The Long Lost Brother

Sean Gregory
Web Editor

Waluigi has always been an interesting choice for the world of Smash. Since Wario made it into Brawl, we all thought that Waluigi coming in would be inevitable, but alas, Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate went by, and Waluigi never came. This caused a large uproar and Sakurai felt bad for us, so he finally gave us what we have always wanted. The fans rejoiced as Waluigi finally made it into Smash Ultimate as DLC. All the memes and jokes aside, Waluigi ended up being a very good character. Today I’ll be discussing his moves and how to properly play as him, along with some tips and tricks on how to be great at playing the forgotten brother.

Since most of his moveset is based off of a mod made in Project M, he has a very diverse moveset that grows off his many advantages over other fighters. For one, he’s really tall, meaning that he has the highest single and double jump in the entire game. Knowing this, along with the fact that he’s a mid-fast faller (but not as fast as Fox or Falco) you can set up some very memorable combos using his advanced aerial game.

Another move to mention is his infamous down aerial, which is based off his stomp move from his time as an assist trophy. It can trap foes easily, hits multiple times, and has a powerful spike on the last hitbox. This makes it relatively easy for Waluigi to get into the right place to properly spike, and gives him every opportunity to do so. Also there’s his side special, where he swims sideways and hits opponents multiple times. It can cover some distance if done in the air, and Waluigi can choose to end the move with a downward dive-bomb that can bury grounded opponents and spike aerial opponents. This turns Waluigi from an aerial character to an aerial monster, giving him more aerial control than Kirby. One final move to mention is his neutral special, which is a “WAH” so loud it causes the opponent to be pushed backwards. It does some damage, but mostly blows them back without doing any knockback (this is generally referred to as a windbox). Since the amount of windboxes is dependent on the opponent’s percentage, you can use it as a very powerful ledge-guarding tool.

As a whole, Waluigi is a complex character, but not too complex to be considered technical. His whole character revolves around doing a lot of damage, but not launching the opponent very far. This makes it hard to KO opponents as Waluigi, but he’s still a ton of fun to play as. If one is skilled enough, they can rack the opponent up to almost 100% damage in only a few seconds, making him quite the scary character.

Does this make Waluigi overpowered? Not really, as Ultimate was meant to be an extremely balanced game, and it has thus far kept that promise. Characters in Ultimate aren’t overpowered because the character is built that way, but because a player knows how to use them extremely well.

Overall, Waluigi is a great aerial fighter with a lot of very tough attacks. However, he lacks in ways to kill his opponents. If you’re someone who likes having a lot of aerial control, then Waluigi is the character for you.

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