Oculus Rift 9.0

Oculus VR’s new product in closed beta

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And now, the product you’ve all been waiting for: The new Oculus Rift 9.0. It will be available as a closed beta starting next month.

Spaces are limited and registration for the beta starts today. The process consists of a simple form that you fill out on Facebook and of signing a release that gives Facebook the right to access your activity logs. Don’t panic, the information is meant to improve your experience on the new interface. Once you have been selected, the necessary hardware will be made available to you at your nearest Facebook Store™. For those who don’t know, Facebook owns Oculus VR.

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

The ninth generation of the fan favourite Oculus Rift consists of a headset and gloves. These are designed to stimulate the temporal lobe the same way sensory input would to generate multi-sensory, quasi-realistic experience. Your thoughts are left untouched, but a transmitter keeps your physical body from moving while you are logged into the interface.

Thanks to Oculus’s new partnership with Google, the interface will be offering options like access to maps. The interesting features of this app includes interaction with 3D versions of maps and a live size street view in which any user can actually walk (without the hassle of fatigue). In the future, the companies hope to develop live chat rooms where users can interact in a simulated environment.

During the beta test, problems are going to be found; however, once those are fixed, the hardware will be made available to the public. The company predicts to release in the first quarter of next year.

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