Political Update

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lucas Galand
News Editor

Here is what the various parties have been up to in the last few weeks:

Liberal Party of Canada
The Liberal Party has received a lot of media coverage recently, due to the scandal surrounding Justin Trudeau. A series of images and videos has been released depicting him dressed in costumes in which he wore blackface and brownface. These incidents occurred at various times, from his high school years to 2001. Trudeau has since apologized, saying that he regrets the decisions he made.

Conservative Party of Canada
The Conservative Party has not been in the news recently, partially due to the media time the Liberal Party has been filling. Andrew Sheer has demanded that Trudeau step down as leader of the Liberal Party, which would be unprecedented during an election. In other news, Sheer also pledged to reduce hospital wait times by committing 1.5 billion dollars to replace ageing medical equipment.

National Democratic Party
With regards to the brownface scandal, the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh did not directly ask for Justin Trudeau to step down, but rather recounted his own experiences facing racism. On an unrelated note, he also stated that he would more than double the disaster mitigation funds provided to communities, if he were to be elected.

Green Party of Canada
In the wake of the Trudeau scandal, Green Party leader Elizabeth May announced that one of her own candidates, running in Newfoundland and Labrador, once appeared in blackface decades ago as part of a comedy skit. The candidate in question has apologised and said he came forward because he did not want to surprise anyone.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019