Ratatouille Movie Night at JAC

Elizabeth Tulli

CÉGEP life has changed dramatically during these times. From face to face interactions to virtual learning on video chatting platforms. After four weeks, online classes may start to take a toll on students. So, what is an antidote to relieve one’s worries? Attending a fun school event, of course!

Last Saturday, SUJAC hosted a Ratatouille movie night on Memorial Field at John Abbott College. The movie was set up on the field, students brought blankets to sit on, and free merch and snacks were offered to everyone. Many people showed up and the fall weather was perfect, besides being somewhat breezy. Overall, the whole night was a huge success and kicked off a great start to the semester.

This excursion offered the opportunity to interact with peers and friends. The movie night allowed people to socialize and blow off steam. Many feel burnt out after a week of studying and logging on for their classes.

By participating in these small school events, we can also have a sense of normalcy in our lives. Nothing is preventing you from doing fun activities in your spare time, especially viewing a feel-good animation where a rat cooks delicious meals. Lying on a blanket outside at night and watching a good movie is one of the most relaxing activities. Life can then begin to seem more enjoyable. That isn’t to say people shouldn’t abide health measures, but rather adjust to new situations. We can still do enjoyable activities while respecting health regulations.

Getting involved in the college community enables us to have fulfilling experiences. Students indeed need to adopt a new lifestyle, but let’s make it work for the better. Don’t stay cooped up at home, go out and get some fresh air!

Originally Published on www.bandersnatch.ca Vol.50 Issue 02 on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

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