Recipe for an Elixir of Test Studying

-Several ounces of willpower, to taste.
-1 soothing study music playlist.
-1 pristine textbook.
-1 large cup of preferred beverage.
-24 slides of PowerPoint.
-5 pages of hastily scrawled notes.
-Assorted writing tools and stationary.
-A pinch of mental stability.

1. Apply willpower to your beleaguered spirit as necessary, and until you can summon yourself out of bed and to your workspace.
2. Set your study playlist, but be careful of injuring yourself by procrastinating while doing so.
3. Take the pristine textbook and set it to the side of your table.
4. Grip the large cup firmly and place it on the textbook which will now serve as a coaster.
5. Lay both the PowerPoint slides and notes on your workspace, and scan through relevant material. Remember to consistently apply both willpower and pinches of mental stability to oneself. Do until (1) you feel prepared or (2) you run out of willpower and mental stability.
6. Take the test. May the force be with you.

Connor Sin-Chan
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 12 on April 11, 2018

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