Rushing to Action


Let’s Ask Ourselves, Are We Ready?

Marc-André Lavigne
Opinions Editor

People can almost taste it! Wait . . . That came out wrong. People can almost smell it! Trudeau’s plan for having marijuana legalized (not to be confused with it being decriminalized) is a topic discussed almost weekly on the news, and a number of people just cannot wait for it to be legalized. There is a problem though, and it is that there is no plan. There is an idea but no clear, detailed and existing plan.

Do you guys remember that “weed” was about to be legalized on 4/20 last year? Of course you do. If I am to presume something, it is that some people must have been disappointed when the day finally came and marijuana still was not legalized. I also guess that this disappointment surely did not last long considering that some must have smoked “some dank herb” to get high enough to think happy thoughts or see pink elephants.

Do not worry about my remarks; In no way am I criticizing marijuana smokers or marijuana itself. I am simply discussing the legalization to transition to another issue that could be rushed into action. Pretty straightforward, right? Now bear with me on that next one, because a lot of Anglophones are not fans of this one.

People can almost taste it! Well, some of them. They can almost see it: an independent Quebec. We hear about it a few times every year on the news, or every month if one follows the Parti Quebecois (PQ) and what happens behind the scenes (internal discussions or meetings). Again, there is just that one problem with the PQ pushing for a referendum for Quebec’s independence. Care to try to guess what it is? There is no plan. There is just an idea.

No need to follow the same model as above on the topic of marijuana to indicate that there is a similarity. But it should be easy to see that whether people are in favor or not, these two ideas or projects, have the same problem: they don’t have an actual plan. In my opinion, both of these projects hold some potential; I can find a few arguments as to why they could be beneficial to our society. Still, in order to consider them at all, I need to see a plan of action.

For those of you who think that a plan is not going to help, when it comes to writing an essay, students often get told to write an outline describing the different ideas that their essay will contain and convey, right? Now, I have to admit that most of us don’t do that, and just write the essay as we go, but at the same time, we just hope it works. For some of us, it does; while it doesn’t for others. We are all different. Well, in terms of legalizing marijuana or making Quebec an independent country, hoping that it works without having a plan is not good enough to rush into action. So if you are waiting for 4/20 and hope to hear that Justin Trudeau has legalized marijuana, hope for a plan instead, because in all honesty, I do not think it will happen this year. If you do not want to see the Parti Quebecois push for another referendum, hope that they do not come up with a plan in the next decade.

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