School Survival Guide

A Survival Guide to Navigating and Staying Alive During Your First Week

By Kellie O’Gorman

Hey there, and welcome to John Abbott College! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay – despite being bummed that summer vacation’s coming to a close. Everybody can get a little stressed about coming back to school; whether you’re a returning student, or better yet, a new recruit to Abbott’s diverse and growing student body! Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks to set you on your feet for another exciting school year on campus.

Many people love making a little money on the side, and others need to make money for the necessities. Either way, you need to beware how many hours you work while you’re a student. A full load of classes and too many late night shifts can leave you running on caffeine and falling behind. Remember to schedule your time and plan out when you’ll be able to do what; without forgetting a little time for yourself. You can work hard, but you can give yourself a break too.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people! There are tons of nice students at Abbott who are ready to help you out; especially if you’re newcomers! Go visit the club rooms and find something that interests you, or chat up a classmate. Bandersnatch loves having eager students who would like to submit some work! Student Activities is also a great place to get involved, or joining up a team sport!

Source: Land Rover
Source: Land Rover

Finding your way
This one can be metaphorical, but it can also be literal. If you aren’t familiar with Abbott, it can be tricky to figure out where something is. There is a school map in every Abbott agenda, as well as on the website. Try printing one out before your first day. Map or not, don’t hesitate asking staff members or other students where something is. Make sure to start looking for classrooms you’re unsure how to get to in advance so you’re not late for your first class!

It’s no crime that sometimes you just can’t make it on your own, but luckily everybody has different abilities that can be used to help each other out! Why not take advantage of this school’s great resources? The library has some great stuff for assignments and personal interest! Try searching the library’s media services. I greatly encourage asking the desk for aid in finding whatever you need. There are also great resource centers that can used for things such as extra help while writing/editing essays, or for French. We have health and financial services available, and the registrar’s office will surely try to sort out any schedule mishaps.

Pay attention to your Omnivox! It tells you everything! It lets you know when OPUS cards will be being made for example, and what you need to bring to get one! That’ll sure come in handy during the school year, and it can be a lot less hassle than going downtown. It has info that lets you know about everything going on; a sale at the bookstore, a team tryout, a bake sale, you name it!

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