Some Shower Thoughts

Do you have the answers?

– What would aliens think when they find out the internet, a pinnacle of technology is used to share pictures of cats?
– All art is just a different mixture of colours.
– Do dog pants go on the front paws, the back paws, or both?
– When is fetch gonna happen? Did I miss it?
– What if we’re all just watching our lives pass before our eyes really slowly while on our death bed?
– In the future will people actually say things like wyd, way, btw, and nvm aloud?
– If downtown is the “heart” of a city, and roads are the “veins” then road repairmen are like doctors for roads.
– Birds are like the fishes of the sky. – What if rain and snow is actually aliens terraforming the earth, but really slowly so that they don’t kill us?
– On one hand, it’s depressing to think that you may not mean much to other people, but on the other, liberating in that people probably don’t care about the little things you sweat over.
– If dog barks all sound the same to us, but dogs can understand their names from other words, then are dogs smarter than us?
– If you have a significant other, is everyone else an insignificant other?
– If cars run on petrol that comes from dinosaur fossils, then can real vegans drive gas cars?
– Are all people in Pokémon vegetarians, or do they eat Pokémon?
– Gas stations are grocery stores for cars.
– Why do buses bus people, but planes don’t plane people and cars don’t car people?
– Bathtubs are big sinks for people.

Connor Sin-Chan
Production Manager

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 05 on November 8, 2017