Hello Abbott!
We’ve got good news! There’s less than one month until Spring Break! Until then, there are tons of exciting activities that will be happening on campus to help rid you of your Winter Blues!
The SUJAC Photo Day on February 13th was a huge success! Students were happy to get professional headshots at virtually no cost, and we hope you took advantage of the opportunity for your portfolios, LinkedIn profiles and other purposes!
The much-anticipated SUJAC-Club Day is coming up on Thursday, February 14th. This semester, we’ll be allowing Clubs and Student Organizations to decorate their booth however they’d like, with one requirement: to incorporate Valentine’s Day in some way. Come check out all the booths that will be set up, enjoy some chocolate, and sign up for some Clubs or Student Organizations. Be sure to stop by SUJAC’s booth to spin the wheel for some prizes, and take the chance to join Congress as a Pre-U or Tech student representative.
SUJAC’s Oval Specials will be continuing throughout the month–with this week’s (Week 3) being Quesadillas or Grilled Cheeses. Next week (Week 4), you’ll be able to enjoy some medium-sized Hot Drinks at a reduced cost, followed by a discount on smoothies during Week 5! The Oval Coffee House (Herzberg-052) is John Abbott’s student-run café on campus, so be sure to stop by and support your fellow students!
Also coming up this month is a Bully-Free event on Tuesday, February 26th, in The Agora. Wear pink to support victims of bullying, take a photo in SUJAC’s Photo Booth, leave a compliment on our Post-It Wall, and come check out the Guest Speaker’s presentation in the Agora.
Be sure to check out the next issue’s SUJAC Update to stay up-to-date on what’s going on around campus!

Until next time,
Your SUJAC Team (Penfield-101):
President Andrew Stein
VP Internal Lathan Walker
VP Academic Elizabeth Yasa
VP Finance Mona Masri
VP External Sonia Agougou
VP Communications Emanuelle

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019