Hello everyone reading this from the comfort of your home! We hope you are all doing relatively well during this Pandemic time.


The SUJAC team has been quite busy these past few weeks, keeping up with what has become the most exciting and decisive period of this semester: Executive Election times! For all of you who aren’t following us on Social Media or who haven’t had the chance to take a look at our feed yet, here is a quick recap of what has been going on:

  • CONGRESS VOTE: On April 6, Congress voted for the upcoming 2020-2021 SUJAC Executive nominees. With a significant number of participants, four candidates were appointed to Executive positions and two are running for Omnivox Elections — on April 27th-30th — and the remaining spot is to be determined following a By-Election Omnivox Vote — May 11th-13th.  Congratulations to the newly-elected 2020-21 SUJAC Executives:  President Emily Thom, VP Academic Samuel Wong, VP Finance Molly Gunyon and VP Communications John Bedirian. Get to know Emily Thom and Samuel Wong below.
  • CAMPAIGN PERIOD: Since April 6th, Jonathan Sztainberg and Théophile Bourgeois have been running their election campaigns for the position of SUJAC Vice-President External! Check out what each of them advocates for on @instasujac, as well as on their individual Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • SCHOOL-WIDE OMNIVOX VOTE:  From April 27th to April 30th, the student population (yes, you!) will be asked to fill out an Omnivox survey to vote on who will become the next SUJAC Vice-President External. Please take the time to inform yourself online about the two candidates — Jonathan Sztainberg and Théophile Bourgeois — if you haven’t already. Additionally, we would like to give an immense thank you to you all for doing your part as a student and choosing your next representatives.
  • BY-ELECTIONS: Because no nominees were selected to run for the SUJAC Vice-President Internal position, By-Elections will be held from April 27th to May 13th. Stay alert for follow-up information regarding the potential candidates and campaign period.

Your SUJAC Executive Team 2019-2020: 

President Nathaniel Saad 

Vice-President Internal Eric Enescu 

Vice-President Academic Rayan Tibiche-Dahmoune 

Vice-President Finance Gabriel Imbeau 

Vice-President External Davy Iconzi Irakose 

Vice-President Communications Christina-Maria Maalouf 


Here are two members of our most anticipated SUJAC team for the year 2020-2021, Emily Thom and Samuel Wong.

Emily Thom

Hi everyone,

My name is Emily and I am thrilled to be your SUJAC President for 2020-2021! I am a Liberal Arts student, and plan on studying Political Science or Law in university. In my free time, I play soccer, horseback ride and am part of JACMUN. I look forward to making our school more reliable, sustainable, and affordable for students. I can’t wait to have an amazing year with you guys!

Samuel Wong

Hello everyone,

My name is Samuel Wong. I am a first-year Science student and I am very happy to be your next Vice-President Academic. Looking forward to helping you with any academic problems you encounter!