SUJAC Update

Hello fellow students!

Many new and exciting things have been happening in and around our College. As you probably already heard, there is a strike day scheduled for October 29th. If the strike does occur, the classes for that day will be cancelled. If you agree with the teachers’ stance, you are invited to join them at John Abbott on the day of the strike, for support.

First of all, our College has opened up the IPESA (Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Students Achievement) for review. This document is the legal contract that outlines the student/teacher rights and responsibilities. If you would like to provide feedback for this review, you are welcome to submit it to the online forum on the College portal or come to us directly. For further information about the document and how to provide your feedback, please consult your Omnivox update titled “IPESA Revision”.

Next, the SUJAC Congress is once again open for nominations. If you or your friends are interested in joining the student government, we strongly encourage you to stop by our office (P-101) to grab a nomination sheet and to sign up. SUJAC Congress is home to exciting debates, which allow all the participating students to express their opinions on College issues as well as to partake in various SUJAC events and activities.
Furthermore, we would like to remind all the students that SUJAC is very active on social media. We invite you to add us on our new Snapchat, named “sujacsnap”. On top of that, we invite you to like our Facebook page, titled “Student Union of John Abbott College”, and to follow our Instagram account “Insta.JAC”. These social media sources will allow you to stay updated with current and upcoming College events, activities, news, etc.

Lastly, on behalf of all of SUJAC, we would like to wish to all the students the best of luck on mid-term exams and evaluations.

Your SUJAC Executives

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