The Tiny Cornflower

Image courtesy of Nicole Widerlund

Nicole Widerlund
Staff Writer

Every morning the sun would go up, and beyond great trees and bushes lay the most beautiful sunflower who would, in response to the sun, show its bright petals of yellow. Not only did the sun get to see the bright colours of the sunflower, but also a blue, short, and tiny cornflower. The tiny cornflower would also rise every morning only to see the yellow shades reflecting back on it from a distance it could not reach, or rather, it did not have the strength to. It would have to slither through the ground past stubborn worms, thick roots, and heavy dirt that only tall and strong flowers could cross. If only a stronger flower could help, thought the helpless cornflower before seeing a taller flower under a tree in the dark shade just a few stretches away. The tiny cornflower made an attempt of reaching the shadowed flower with its roots. Just as their roots made contact, the petals of the tall flower flared out and revealed its true form which appeared to be an elegant red rose.

“You startled me from my sleep!”, cried the elegant rose.

The cornflower had indeed woken the rose, but the rose had surly woken the cornflower from a dream in sunshine to a reality in the shadows where there too lay beauty.

Originally Published on Vol.50 Issue 02 on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

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