The Unknown

Aris Cristofaro

Staff Writer

There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing someone,
But I wish to bring something else to the table.
Consider this: not knowing someone but loving them regardless.

We are complex beings and even more complex souls.
An evolving puzzle.
A maze that shifts every second.
It is impossible to know you in your entirety.
Yet I can still confidently say I love you.
I not only love what I know,
But also, what I don’t.
I came to this conclusion recently.
Because I saw a pattern appear.
Every time I’d learn something new about you,
I would end up loving you more.

I’d like to define this “more”.
It is not that the degree increased.
But simply that I loved a new part of you.
I added that small piece to my collection of you.
And I loved it as much as the rest.
I love you more every day,
Because I love a new part of you.
The collection grows to hundreds of thousands of tiny bits that I adore.
The sheer immensity of it is a force of nature.
This collection becomes impossible to ignore.

Don’t misunderstand, I love your intelligence intensely.
I love your bravery intensely.
I love your compassion intensely.
I love you intensely.
But I also love you immensely.
And this massive quantity of affection reorients my being.
All of this, a long-winded way to say:
I love you.

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