The Writing Center


By the Students, FOR the Students!

Donya Bavani

One of the great advantages of going to John Abbott College is that you have access to more student services than you can name. In the basement of the library, hidden in a little corner, is one of the most useful services this school has to offer. Located in L-021 and open five days a week, the English Writing Centre is full of student tutors ready to welcome you with open arms and answer your questions.

The Writing Centre is essentially managed by students in the English Writing Tutors courses and two teachers from the English Department. This semester, Dr. Jennifer McDermott is the person overseeing the workings of the centre. She, along with Faye Allison Trecartin, train the junior tutors and teach the two English classes offered to the members of the program.

The Writing Centre offers a number of services. The writing tutors are always ready to assist you whether you want some advice on writing an essay, need clarification on some grammar concepts, or simply want to look over some of your previous papers. They are all excellent and competent English students who have been trained to help other students become better writers. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. To meet with a tutor, you can either drop by L-021, or reserve a spot by booking a half hour or an hour session with a tutor. The tutoring schedules are available in a red binder located in P-138A (where most English teachers’ offices are.)

If you think a weekly tutoring session with a student sounds like something you’d be interested in, make sure to talk with your teacher to get paired with a tutor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can MIO Dr. Jennifer McDermott for more information!

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