Tips to Get the Most Out of your Workout

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Maxine Louie
Office Manager

Hey guys! So now that we are all locked up, we have been turning towards different methods to keep ourselves busy, whether that be games, work, school, reading, binging, or working out. I love books and fitness.

Many people who are starting on their fitness journey may or may not be familiar with all the best ways to make the most out of a little. We know we need to workout; we look up videos online for fun stuff to do. But what do we do before and after? What should we do to prevent injuries and keep the gains coming?

Before a workout, it is extremely important to properly prepare our bodies for intensities and activities that our bodies may not be accustomed to. This will mean having a good warmup!

A warmup consists of moving your body to get it ready for what you want to do in your workout. It wakes up your muscles and will reduce soreness along with risk of injuries (going from 10 to 100 is not a good idea). Warm up ideas consist of doing body weight exercises to work on your target muscle groups or starting at a lighter weight to build up if you are planning to do heavy weight training.

After preparing your body, you can now get started on your workout! Always listen to your body when working out; you are not competing with yesterday’s body; you are working with where you are now and with what your body is telling you today.

For your post-workout, a cool-down will also be important. It will tell your body to slowly recover from 100 to 10. A cool-down is all about slowing down your heart rate without shocking it; a good flow routine or dynamic stretching is very effective. This will help loosen your muscles from their points of tension.

Stretching is an essential part of any good workout. For pre-workout, it is ideal to do a mixture of dynamic and static stretches to warm up your muscles, typically going from static to dynamic with an emphasis on dynamic to really start sweating. For a post-workout you would want the opposite, and with more emphasis on static stretches.

Incorporate this into your workout routine and feel the difference!

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 13 on April 15th, 2020