Trump’s Plan Fails Again


ObamaCare still in effect

Marc-André Lavigne
Opinions Editor

During Donald Trump’s election campaign, the President made a number of promises which he deemed would happen on “day one” and would be very “easy” to accomplish. One of Trump’s promises was to repeal or eliminate the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) completely. But last Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan had to retrieve the bill that would repeal ObamaCare before it was put up for vote on the House floor (Montreal Gazette).

According to Trump, the reason behind the failure passing the bill is due to Democrats, with him saying last Friday: “With no Democrat support we couldn’t quite get there.” Another reason is that two factions of the Republican party each had their own requirements as for what should or should not be in the next health insurance law. The latter is more than likely to be the cause, with Trump tweeting about the ultra-conservatives in the Republican party being the reason the House leaders had to retrieve the bill before a vote could be made (Journal de Montreal).

Once it was noticed that the future of the bill was uncertain due to a lack of support, the bill was removed with only a few minutes to spare. Ryan expressed that the GOP will have to tolerate the Affordable Care Act “for the foreseeable future” (Montreal Gazette).

This is definitely not the result Trump expected, and it could have some repercussions as to how the American people view his presidency. The fact that Trump was not able to repeal ObamaCare complicates things as people see Trump fail on his biggest promise of his campaign in 2016 (CNN). The failure of this bill marks Trump’s second defeat, as of last week, with the first being the rejection of his newly modified travel ban. This might be a clue that Trump is going to need to change his approach as to how he presents a bill to Congress as well as to how to obtain support from both Republicans and Democrats on certain matters.

His next important project is to tackle a big tax reform which will need some careful planning and consideration as to where he can obtain support in the Republican party, or even the Democratic one. Trump and his administration are aware that they need to successfully pass the tax reform through Congress when it comes the time, or it could spell disaster for the President and result in a loss of influence for the Republicans. In other words, Democrats could be gaining some ground before the Congress’ midterm elections which it is usually a time where the adverse party would win seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate (CNN).

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