Vaudreuil: Stop By And Say Hi

Vaudreuil-Dorion, the town that I proudly call home, has often been labelled as a boring farm land. Well, I’ll have you know that Vaudreuil has evolved enormously since its humble beginnings, and it garners many advantages for those who reside within it.

Firstly, our public transit is top-notch. If you take the train to school, you’re always promised a seat, because the first station on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line is located within its borders. Additionally, our bus service, CIT La Presqu’Ile, has some of the friendliest bus drivers and luxurious seats available in the surrounding Montreal area.

Secondly, it’s a rapidly developing city! With restaurants and shopping malls busting at the seams, and a hospital on the way, Vaudreuil has plenty of employment opportunities for people of all ages! And this isn’t even mentioning the recently built training center, which has physical activities for all sorts of interests, and the long list of events that take place through the year, including a carnival!

Thirdly, our real estate is quite affordable. Houses in Vaudreuil can sometimes go for double the price in other areas of Montreal, simply because of their location. And Vaudreuil has plenty of beautiful spots to live, so why settle on a mediocre house when you can own a great one!

With this said, Vaudreuil is a great place to live, so don’t underestimate how awesome it is until you’ve visited it for yourself!

Kyle McRae
Production Manager

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 11 on March 28, 2018